Dance Ballets created, directed and choreographed by Smt Hemamalini Arni
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"Nalina Haara" (Garland of Lotuses) Smt Hemamalini Arni’s first foray into a ballet production: She has sought to bring alive, ‘The Nightingale of India’, Smt. Sarojini Naidus’ English poems through the medium of Bharatanatyam. She has selected 19 poems from her collection, namely "The Golden Threshold", "The Bird of Time", "The Feather of the Dawn" and "The Broken Wing". 13th Feb 1999 Governor C.Rangarajan. linker.gif (1259 bytes)
"The Celestial ensemble of the NAVAGRAHAS " The dance ballet seeks to portray the qualities, the greatness and the legends surrounding the 9 planets ( Surya, Soma, Mangala, Budha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu ) who, according to the Shastras, represent the totality of possibilities in our universe 25th April 2000 PadmaBhushan Pushp M. Bhargava linker.gif (1259 bytes)
"Akka" A dance Ballet based on the life story of Akka Mahadevi whose poignant vachanas in her devotion to Shiva have been strung together in 6 stages and performed by 6 different artistes 6th October 2001 Padmabhushan Dr. C. Narayan Reddy linker.gif (1259 bytes)
"Winter of Spring" A dance ballet based on Greek Mythology of the abduction of Persiphone, daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of Fertility by Hades,the ruler of the netherworld and the ensuing devastation of the till then peaceful Earth. 26th October 2002 Air Marshal IH Latif linker.gif (1259 bytes)
"Deliverance" Dance ballet in Bharatanatyam Style based on Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s poem "Debatar Gras". It narrates the story of a young widow, her naughty son, and the village Pandit, who, ruled by the beliefs and ethos of that time face an unprecedented situation. 9th October 2003 Padmashri Jagdish Mittal. linker.gif (1259 bytes)
"Priye…Priye…" A tapestry of love poems threaded together from the translations of ancient Indian texts that include poems in Sanskrit, Prakrit and Tamil. The theme centers around 2 couples. A happily married couple, much in love. The story of the second couple centers on a young girl completely in love with a man who professes love for her,but spends time with the ‘other’ woman 4th October 2004 Ms.Tejdeep Kaur Menon IPS linker.gif (1259 bytes)
"Gita Govinda… The ballet is based on the Ashtapadis of Poet Jayadeva and celebrates the divine love of Radha and Krishna. A cross-section of verses have been chosen to depict a wide palette of bhavas.The highlight of production is the choreography set against the backdrop of Hindustani Classical Music. 7th January 2007 Dr.(Mrs)Geeta Reddy,Minister of Tourism linker.gif (1259 bytes)
"Remembering Meera"

Dance ballet on the life of Meera Bai, a Rajput princess,who attained salvation at the feet of her Ishta Devata Lord Krishna. Ballet choreographed to Hindusthani Classical Music

6th February 2010  9th  
"The Porous Earth"

Dance ballet based on the poem of the same name by SMT. Tejdeep Kaur Menon  performed by Kiranmayee Madupa and Priya Premanand

9th April 2015
Regular Team
Music Composer & Music Director:Ravi Kiran Dress designer : Smt Tutoo Taneja
Reader ( as required) : Ranjan Ranganathan Regular Ballerinas : Priya Makarand & Sharmila Taneja

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