Expression of creativity in Dance Ballets
hema_ballet.gif (9620 bytes) "Though teaching Classical Bharatanatyam dance itself is a creative vocation, it does have certain boundaries because of its traditional purity. I wanted to test my creative abilities further. I wanted to try out new themes- all my ideas and fantasies. I have always loved reading and I imagined many a theme from the books and poems I have read. I wanted to explore all this through dance ballets. I started using abhinaya to depict activity in English and orchestral music as an experiment. It worked well and it had the same feel as the ‘real’ thing. On my own I could create and choreograph a dance ballet, particularly if it has to be done in a Bharatanyam mode. I also had the advantage of my own trained group of students. I believe in taking the opinions of a few of my senior students and it is amazing how many good ideas get thrown up on discussion. I now have a good team of musicians, singers and readers. If needed I also read for my ballets. I must make special mention of Priya Makarand whose help I take for all my ballets."

As an 15/05/2015 Hema has created nine dance ballets.

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