Padams from   Mylapore Gowri Ammal
Mylapore Gowri AmmaT.jpg (22352 bytes) " During the period Guru Ramaih Pillai was teaching me, my parents wanted me to also learn from Mylapore Gowri Ammal . This was before I learnt padams from Bala.  I had the opportunity of meeting Gowri.Ammal  through my first Guru, Kanappa Pillai who introduced Kalanidhi and her parents to us. Its through her parents that I came to learn from her. She used to come to our house to teach me. .I had the privilege of learning some padams from her. She could hardly see, in those days as she had cataract in her eyes. She would sing and do the padams and I would watch her.  (Balasaraswathi style was very much like hers.). Because of her vision she presumed I  had understood the padams , and when I nodded she would go to the next. She taught me 5 -6 padams - Kuzhalosshai, Naetrandhi Naerathilae, Aduvum sholival aval, Vaelavarai ummai thaedi, etc. I cant remember now why we discontinued - probably her eye sight or  travel inconveniences...."

Smt. T.Balasaraswathi, Kalanidhi Narayana and Rukmini Arundale were her most outstanding pupils..

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