Life as a Home maker - away from Music and Dance

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"In 1954, I got married to Chandru, who by then I had known for 4 years; incidentally our families knew one another but they had no part to play in our getting to know each other. I loved and respected him and always knew he was destined to share my life with me.

Chandru worked for a multinational company which had its managers constantly transferred from place to place. There was no way to keep up with my dance especially in places like Saharanpur and Monghyr. It was a new way of life for me and I concentrated on home life with Chandru. Our children, Sagari and Vidyuth were born in ’55 and ’58 and I felt the children came first and took priority.

It was a fine life for me and I have no regrets whatsoever that dance and music had to be put away for a while. It was our responsibility to ensure that our children grew up with the parents always available to them, apart from sharing mutual love. Life was not all drudgery as a homemaker. We did have fun, meeting people and partying and enjoying sporting activities,etc. We also traveled abroad several times, motored Europe, visited Art galleries and so on. It was a fun life but my mind several times strayed away often to my music and dance background. I never believed that it would be revived again."

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