Making a brief foray into Film World
Kannika_main_sm.jpg (92146 bytes) "Around 1947/48 Mr.S.M.Sreeramulu Naidu, the famous Film Producer and Director approached my father and wanted me to act in a film "Kannika" in a role portraying Kannika in her youth. He agreed and we made about 4 to 5 trips from our home in Adyar,Madras to his Pakshiraja Studios in Coimbatore where the film was shot. "

"My role required dancing and some singing too. I danced "Nataanam Adinaar" and sung a prayer composed by the famous Papanasam Sivam. One of the presents given to me was a Standard car." It must be noted that Papanasan Sivan was known as the "Thamizh Thyagiah" ( Tamil Thyagaraja) which is a very high compliment to his abilities as a composer.

The film was a hit. It is to be noted that Sreeramulu Naidu also directed the hit Hindi film "Azaad".( portraying Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari).

Hema_films.jpg (40209 bytes) " Sometime in 1951/52, when I was about 17, I was approached by another famous Film producer and Director M V Raman to act in a film he was about to make. He had previously got Vyjayanthimala to act in AVM's Tamil Film ( her first), Vazhkai in 1949. The film was a huge hit and continued its success story when remade in Hindi as Bahaar (1951). MVRaman was always interested in introducing new faces and these, on the left, were a few photos he took of me at that time. As I was engaged to be married soon, I did not want to start a movie career."

M V Raman was a great Producer/director and he made such films as Aasha (1938), LadkiI (1953) , Pehli Jhalak(1954), BhaiI (1956) and Chandan (1958,)"

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